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Spirituality is about listening and unlearning.

Some of us get woken up by the harsh realities of life. We suffer enough that we wake up. Others keep on sleepwalking and never wake up. It just never occurs to them that there may be a better way. Still, if you haven’t been hit sufficiently by life, and haven’t suffered enough, then there is another way. Spirituality is about a willingness to listen and unlearn.

Do you listen to confirm what you already think? Or do you listening in order to discover something new? That what is important, but it difficult for people who are sleeping.

Jesus proclaimed the good news and was rejected. Not because it was good, but because it was new. We hate the new. We don’t want new things that are disturbing. We especially don’t like new things if it involves change or, even more so, if is means saying, “I was wrong.”

Real faith is an openness to the truth, no matter what the consequences, no matter where it leads you and not knowing where it’s going. You see, that’s faith, not belief, but faith. Your beliefs give you a lot of security, but faith is insecurity. You don’t know. You’re ready to follow and you’re open. You’re ready to listen. Listen with an open mind but also wiling to question and discern what is being said.

When you do that, you’re listening. You’ve taken another major step toward awakening. The first step was a readiness to admit that you don’t want to wake up and that you don’t want to be happy. The second step is a readiness to understand, to listen, to challenge your whole belief system; your religious beliefs, your political beliefs, your social beliefs, your psychological beliefs, but all of them.

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