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If you want to change the World, begin with yourself!

What is enlightenment like? Well, you’ll find it when you’re ready to change your illusions for reality, when you’re ready to change your dreams for facts. That’s where life finally becomes meaningful. Life becomes beautiful. When someone tells you, “There is nothing you can do about it,” you say, “There is, I can wake up!” All of a sudden, life is no longer the nightmare that it used to be.

Repent and accept the good news. Wake up! Don’t weep for your sins. Why weep for sins that you committed when you were asleep? Are you going to cry because of what you did in your hypnotized state? Wake up! Wake up! Put on a new mind. Take on a new way of looking at things!

If you listen to me, you’re in big trouble. You can be brainwashed by anybody, you know. What does it matter whether someone’s enlightened or not? But, we want to lean on someone. We want to lean on anybody we think has arrived. We love to hear that people have arrived. It gives us hope. What are you hoping for? That’s just another form of desire?

You want to hope for something better than what you have right now, otherwise you wouldn’t be hoping. But then, you forget that you have it all right now anyway, and you don’t know it. We live too much from a place of scarcity instead of abundance. We’re afraid there won’t be enough. We might run out, but life is a feast, but the tragedy is that most people are starving to death. It’s like the fish who was swimming around the reef and turned to another fish and asked, “Excuse me, but could you tell me where the ocean is?” We’re surrounded by joy, happiness, and love, but most people are clueless. They see what is not there and do not see what is there. That’s what it’s all about.

Why not concentrate on the now instead of hoping for better times in the future? Why not understand the now instead of forgetting it and hoping for the future? Isn’t the future just another trap?

The best thing someone can do for you is to challenge your ideas and, if you are ready to listen, the one thing that you must do is observe yourself. No one can give you a method. No one can show you a technique. The moment you pick up a technique, you’re programmed again. It is not the same as self-absorption. Self-absorption is self-preoccupation, where you’re concerned about yourself, worried about yourself. Self-observation is to watch everything in you and around you as far as possible and watch it as if it were happening to someone else. Do not personalize what is happening to you. Look at things as if you have no connection with them whatsoever.

The reason you suffer from depression and anxieties is because you identify with them. You say, “I’m depressed.” But that’s not true, you are not depressed. To be accurate, you might say, “I am experiencing depression right now.” But you can’t say, “I am depressed.” You are not your depression. That is an illusion. You have deluded yourself into thinking that you are your depression, that you are your anxiety, that you are your joy or the thrills that you have. “I am happy!” You are not happy. You may feel happiness, but it will change; it won’t last: it never lasts; it keeps changing: it’s always changing. Be a passive, detached observer. Don’t interfere. Don’t “fix” anything. Watch! Observe!

The trouble is, people are trying to fix things they don’t even understand. It never dawns on us that things don’t need to be fixed. They need to be understood. If you understood them, they’d change.

If you want to change the world, begin with yourself! Transform yourself first! You do that through observation and understanding. With no interference or judgment on your part. Because what you judge you cannot understand.

When we label someone or something understanding has stopped. How are you going to understand what you disapprove of, or what you approve of, for that matter? No judgment, no commentary, no attitude: simply observe, study, watch without the desire to change. Because if you desire to change what is into what you think should be, you no longer understand. The day you can do that, you will experience a miracle. You will change—effortlessly, correctly. Change will happen, you will not have to bring it about. As the life of awareness settles on your darkness, whatever is evil will disappear. Whatever is good will be fostered. You will have to experience that for yourself.

But this calls for a disciplined mind. I’m not talking about effort. I’m talking about something else. Look at a river as it flows to the sea. It creates its own banks that contain it. When there’s something within you that moves in the right direction, it creates its own discipline. This is awareness. This is waking up and there’s nothing so important in the world. Nothing! And, of course, it is also discipline in its own way.

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