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Don’t be a Monkey

Do you know how to trap a monkey? If you want to catch a monkey, take a gourd and cut a small hole in it just big enough for the monkey to fit their hand through. Inside the gourd put some fruit.

When a monkey comes by he will want the fruit and put his hand through the hole, grab a fistful, and then they’ll try to pull their hand back out. But they can’t. The hole is small enough to put their empty hand through, but not big enough for a hand clinging to a fistful of fruit. He is trapped!

You would think the monkey would realize they were trapped and drop the fruit. But no, they think they need that fruit. They couldn’t survive with out it. By refusing to drop the fruit, the hunter comes up behind and catches them.

If they would just surrender!

We hold on to past trauma, past hurts, and we are trapped.

What are you holding onto that’s keeping you from being free? What is it that you need to just surrender in order to be free?

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