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“Am I crazy, or are all of them crazy?”

We seek help with our relationship problems but the fact is people have to suffer enough in a relationship so that they get disillusioned with all relationships. They’ve got to suffer enough in a relationship before they wake up and say, “I’m sick of it! There must be a better way of living than depending on another human being.” Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom and say, “I’m sick of it all.” It’s only when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired that you’ll get out of it. Most people go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist to get relief but not to get out of it.

Do you know one sign that you’ve woken up? It’s when you are asking yourself,"Am I crazy, or are all of them crazy?" When you’re on the verge of going insane, you’re either psychotic or a mystic. That’s what the mystic is, the opposite of the lunatic. Because the whole world is crazy. We’re living on crazy ideas about love, about relationships, about happiness, about joy, about everything. People are crazy you know. They are lunatics, and the sooner you see this, the better for your mental and spiritual health.

Everyone is putting on a great act. You think you’re being so loving. Are you? Who are you loving? Even your self-sacrifice gives you a good feeling, doesn’t it? “I’m sacrificing myself! I’m living up to my ideal.” But you’re getting something out of it, aren’t you? You’re always getting something out of everything you do, until you wake up.

Step one. Realize that you don’t want to wake up. It’s pretty difficult to wake up when you have been hypnotized.

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